About Vasudev Ram

Hi there.

I'm an independent software developer with many years of experience in a variety of programming languages and technologies. Python, C, UNIX and Linux shell scripting (with bash, awk, sed and friends), REST, web development (server-side), relational databases (SQL), PDF generation and many open source libraries and tools, are some of the areas in which I have good skills.

Have worked with or consulted to leading American and Indian software companies, both established ones and startups, during my career. I've been an independent consultant for some years now. Software development projects, research/evaluation of new technologies, and training are some of the areas I work on for clients.

Training (on Python, Linux, SQL databases, etc.):

I conduct corporate or individual training courses on:

Python programming

Linux usage, including command line tools and the shell

SQL and database design

Testimonials from happy training clients available on request.

Inquire with me at vasudevram [at] Google's fine email service for course details, mode of conduct, charges, testimonials, etc. Customization of course content for specific clients may be possible, and can be determined on a case-to-case basis.

Other courses may be added over time. Check with me if interested in other topics - I may be able to help you in some cases, or redirect you to someone else who can.

xtopdf, my Python toolkit for PDF creation from other formats, is an open source product which is in use by Packt Publishing of the UK, the Software Freedom Law Center of the USA, and ESRI.nl, among others. xtopdf can be used for creation of PDF reports from many other input formats, and for creating simple ebooks from text or XML input. Here's a good online presentation about xtopdf.

I started this blog to write about my findings and thoughts about happenings in the area of software innovation (both open source and proprietary, worldwide), which is my main interest, professionally speaking.

I'm an elected member (a Fellow) of the Python Software Foundation and a member of the McKinsey Online Executive Panel. My web site www.dancingbison.com has more information about my background and skills, software products that I've independently developed, services I offer, technical articles I've published for IBM developerWorks, Packt Publishing and Linux For You magazine (now called Open Source For You) - A vi quickstart tutorial and How Knoppix saved the day. Here is my contact information.

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This is my Bitbucket account with some of my open source software projects. Here are my Python and other code recipes on ActiveState. This is my Google Profile.

And that's my mascot below :-)

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